Minor Program

Please have a look at the H.U. Minor Program Regulation where you can find detailed info and make sure you fulfill the requirements before you submit your application. Minor Program has a curriculum of 6 courses; 4 compulsory and 2 elective with a total credit of 18. It is not obligatory to take all these 18 credits within an academic year. Minor Program can continue until the end of undergraduate education. Students who successfully complete the program are given a "Minor Certificate". Click here for your questions about the program.


Application period: 14-31 May 2009

Applications should be submitted only to the Dean's Office (FEAS). Minor quota for the 2009-2010 Academic year is limited to 8 students.

New Applicants:

Students who are applying for the first time must submit their applications to the Dean's Office. Please check below for the required documents for application. You may contact Dean's Office for application forms and further questions. Please DO NOT fill in the registration form below, it is for continuing/selected students only...


Along with the student's CGPA and previous academic background, academic diversity is a decisive factor in the selection process. It is highly preferable for our department that applicants come from various departments. Successful candidates will be announced on our web site. Unfortunately it is not possible to send feedbacks to applicants who are not selected.

Continuing Students:

Students who are already enrolled to the Minor Program need to fill out the relevant registration form and submit an up-to-date copy of their transcript to the Minor Program Coordinator of our department. Unfortunately it is not possible to approve the courses you have added/dropped without going through this step. Minor add/drops are held by the student's own supervisor.Before adding elective courses please contact the instructor of that course...

Required Documents:

1. Official Transcript (approved by Registrar's Office)
2. Letter of Application (available at Dean's Office)
3. Registration Form (Fall / Spring) - for continuing/selected students only -


. Fall Semester (Compulsory Courses)

INR 201 International Relations I*
INR 213 Political History I*

. Fall Semester (Electives)**

INR 305 Turkish Foreign Policy I
INR 311 Turkish Economy
INR 317 Environmental Politics
INR 321 Foreign Policy Analysis
INR 401 US Foreign Policy
INR 421 Water Politics
INR 423 Middle East Politics
INR 425 Balkan Politics

. Spring Semester (Compulsory Courses)

INR 202 International Relations II*
INR 216 Political History II*

. Spring Semester (Electives)**

INR 306 Turkish Foreign Policy II
INR 314 International Organizations
INR 316 International Political Economy
INR 318 Ethnicity and Nationalism
INR 320 International Security
INR 322 Management Of Natural Resources
INR 328 History of Balkans
INR 408 Current Issues In World Politics
INR 412 Conflict Resolution
INR 414 European Community Law
INR 420 Politics of the Far East Asia
INR 426 Perspectives on Globalization
INR 428 Use Of Force In IR

* Prerequisite courses
** Elective course offerings are specified and announced at the beginning of each academic year. The courses in the electives list are subject to change; therefore not every course will be offered.