Graduation Ceremony - 31.V.2009

Graduation Ceremony will be on June 23rd, Tuesday at 18.30. Rehearsal will be at 16.30...

Summer School - 25.V.2009

The following IR courses will be offered in summer school:

INR 161 History of Civilizations I
INR 162 History of Civilizations II
INR 285 International Trade Theory and Policy
INR 305 Turkish Foreign Policy I
INR 306 Turkish Foreign Policy II
INR 317 Environmental Politics
INR 327 Politics of International Migration
INR 416 World Economic Trends
INR 441 Japanese Foreign Policy

About course registration rules please have a look: 2008-2009 Course Registration Rules (.doc)

Course Evaluation Survey -

Please take a minute and fill in the course evaluation survey. We remind you that it will not be possible to view your final grades without taking the survey.

FEAS "Pasta Day" - 18.V.2009

This year the 2nd of the annual FEAS "Pasta Day" will be held on May 31st, Sunday at the FEAS parking lot. The event will start at 12.30. We will be happy to see our students and alumni there...

Final Exams - 08.V.2009

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